Gravity Painter makes styling your Gravity Forms easy. Choose a theme and you are done.

No Coding, No CSS! Easily toggle between pixel-perfect themes and color palettes.

Dark Mode
Dark Mode.

Dark Mode Theme

Multi-Page Form Design

Multi-Page Theme

Chat Form
Chat Form

Messenger Theme

Light Mode Form Design
Dark Mode.

Light Mode Theme

All 4 Themes Included with the Gravity Forms Painter Add-On

Easily toggle between themes in your dashboard.

Built for v2.5

It takes on average 7-8 months to learn CSS. With Gravity Painter, companies can instantly style (“paint”) their forms with professionally detail-oriented designs without writing code.

Gravity Painter Founder

Gravity Forms

Quickly build complex powerful forms, polls, quizzes and more.

Gravity Painter

Instantly toggle between pixel-perfect themes and choose between color palettes.

Instantly Love Your Forms, MORE!

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Do I need to activate my license before using the plugin?

All purchases of Gravity Painter include one license key. You will need to activate your license key by going to the forms settings page, clicking themes, and then entering your license key.

Is my purchase code from CodeCanyon also my license key?

Purchase codes you receive from CodeCanyon double as both license keys and purchase codes. If you would like to manage your license you will need to create an account. If you purchased directly from you will be sent your license key to your registered email address and also can manage your license key by logging into your account.

Can I have different themes for different forms?

Yes, you can enable individual themes for specific forms.

Is this a lightweight plugin?

The entire plugin as of today weighs under or around 31 KB, which is incredibly light! We strictly follow the guidelines put forth by Gravity Forms and WordPress Coding Standards. Naturally, CSS is a very lightweight language.

Will my forms be mobile responsive?

One of the many perks of Gravity Painter is that the styles are handled by professional designers and css experts. Which is why all Gravity Painter themes are fully responsive across all breakpoints.