Enhance Your Gravity Forms UI/UX With The Multi-Page Theme for 2.5 & Later Versions

Once you choose a theme, easily toggle between modern color palettes.


Gravity Forms

Quickly build complex powerful forms, polls, quizzes and more.

Gravity Painter

Instantly toggle between pixel-perfect themes and choose between color palettes.

Compatible Fields

Standard Advanced Post Pricing

Ready Classes

buttonized1, buttonized2, buttonized3, buttonized4This ready class works for radio and checkbox fields. The number appended to the end of the ready class determines how many options you want to display horizontally. What’s a ready class?


Requires free download of Gravity Forms auto-advance available in WordPress repository. Download directly or from your WordPress admin. Auto advance does not work with text base fields where the user must type.

This form is a full-width and full-height design. It will take up the entire viewport. It is recommended to add your form using the Multi-Page theme to a page without any other elements.

To properly configure this theme, go to forms > settings > themes > select “Multi-Page”. You will need to add a “page break” in-between fields and disable the form description and title. For additional information regarding page breaks, please see Gravity Forms Documentation.

It is recommended to enable the Optimize CSS Delivery option for any form that is using the Multi-Page Theme.

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